"What is she gonna talk about now?"

Basically, I've always been the "fat friend", the "fat cousin", the "fat ____" you fill in the blank. Started gaining when I was young, around 8 or 9 years old. From then on I just kept getting bigger and bigger. I can diet and lose weight, but I can't keep it off by myself. I did this surgery to feel better. To be healthier. To give myself a chance to live longer. I want to know what it feels like to walk the mall without breathing hard and feeling like I'm gonna keel over! I want to ride bikes with my family. I'm going to be successful this time.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

3 Months Later

It's been a bit over 3 months since surgery and here are some of the changes that have been happening:

1) I've lost 74 lbs since my highest weight. Down to 281. Soon I will be the weight on my driver's license. lol I have always put 275 on it, even when I weighed 355. 

2) I tried on and bought a pair of 24W cargo pants at the "Walmarts" yesterday. Unbelievable. Now, I still think these are cut big and probably can't fit into 24Ws in any other brand, but it was exciting all the same. I am coming down from a size 30/32W. 

3) Mixed up bowels. TMI for some, so skip this one if you want. For the first 2 months I was constantly having loose stools and diarrhea. When I hit that 3rd month I stopped. Literally. Now I'm dealing with constipation. Painful constipation! I spent 30 freakin' minutes on the potty one day and it was agonizing. At my 3 month follow up the Internal Medicine bariatric specialist said we could safely add in Benefiber, a stool softener AND Miralax daily. So with all that and upping my water intake I'm hoping things will start moving along better. It's not fun!

4) I am able to shave my legs in the shower again! I have to be careful with dizziness from bending over but I'm physically able to reach down and shave. Loving that!

5) I can pull the steering well in my car in the bottom most position. This is how I prefer to drive, but was unable to for a long time because of big legs and tummy. It's the little things that get me excited. lol

6) I can sit in my office chair at work and pull one leg up under me, which is ultra comfy for me. 

7) I can walk up 2 flights of stairs without being out of breath!

8) A1c is down to 6.0%. Off all insulin and down to 500mg metformin twice a day.

9) Still cannot tolerate chicken breast unless it is done in the crock pot. Chicken thighs, no problem. But darn that chicken breast, every time it causes some pain and nausea.

10) I'm cooking more now than I did before surgery. This is good because it means we are not eating JUNK! I'm actually enjoying cooking new things with fresh ingredients. 

11) The urge to do other things when I'm stressed, sad, mad, etc is really bad the past couple weeks. I'm working on this. 

12) I'm finding bones here and there. My knees are looking a bit knobby. lol 

13) I'm getting way more smiles and "friendlies" from strangers. Some have debated whether or not this is because we fat people are looking more "normal" and therefore the prejudice is lessening. Some think it's because as we gain more confidence we look more approachable. More on what I think about this later!

14) Being on my feet for longer periods does not hurt. My tootsies are breathing a sigh of relief! 

There, that's a start. I forgot to mention the moods are still driving me crazy. I get irritated so much easier and have less tolerance for bullshit. And the breakouts on my face. Damn pimples! 

But there is so much more good stuff and great feelings going on that it makes it all worth it. I'm so happy I had this surgery and even though I'm still a fresh newbie I would say I would do it all over again. My quality of life has gained by leaps and bounds already, I can't even imagine how much better it's going to get!


Janet Scott said...

I've just found your blogs - and its been such encouragement. I am seven weeks post op. My date was Aug 27, and my surgery weight was 308. Unfortunately I came home from the hospital with an incision site infected, and it was a long journey. I believe it took 4 and a half weeks to get rid of the infection and close up the incision - and the whole time it was draining and just not pretty. But, the weight has been coming off - and I share your excitement finding old clothes that once again fit me! :-) I have a horrible time with the protein shakes I'm supposed to drink 2 a day - and I can't even get one down most days. What shakes have you found that you like? The only one I can really tolerate is the most expensive I've found - its called Unjury. Doesn't seem to have that nasty after taste that whey protein has.
Anyway - please keep posting! its such a help!

Lori F said...

Thanks, Janet, for taking the time to read it! And congrats on your surgery and weight loss so far! Sounds like you had a rough start at first. I know what you mean about the protein shakes. But I have found some that I can stand. Nectar Sweets by Syntrax have a Chocolate Truffle and Vanilla Bean Torte flavors that I find to be good. I also like the coffee flavored ones from Click. They make a decaf mocha that's really good. I have not found a fruit one that I like. I tried the Unjury but was not impressed with it. Although, I do have the protein chicken soup flavored from them that I have not tried yet. I love to try new samples so if you find anymore good ones let me know! :)