"What is she gonna talk about now?"

Basically, I've always been the "fat friend", the "fat cousin", the "fat ____" you fill in the blank. Started gaining when I was young, around 8 or 9 years old. From then on I just kept getting bigger and bigger. I can diet and lose weight, but I can't keep it off by myself. I did this surgery to feel better. To be healthier. To give myself a chance to live longer. I want to know what it feels like to walk the mall without breathing hard and feeling like I'm gonna keel over! I want to ride bikes with my family. I'm going to be successful this time.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Making the Changes

I love the Farmer's Market! And it fits right in with my new life of eating healthier. I should be cleared for regular solid foods at my 6 week post op appointment, which is next Friday and I can't wait to start incorporating some tasty fresh veggies into my meals. I have already been enjoying zucchini, but I'm ready to have some crunch back. I have been eating canned as per my doctor's list of foods that are fine for this stage, but I miss the fresh. Who knew I'd be craving salad! Here is my mini haul from the Farmer's Market today. My family will benefit from this. 

Those berries smell heavenly. I think I'll use the avocado rolled up with some thinly sliced turkey.  The zucchini will be sauteed with some herbs and a touch of olive oil.  The peach is for my DH (aka Geekboy) and the sweet corn is for my boys. I will miss the fresh produce when the farmer's markets close. 


Avery said...

Avocado in turkey or ham is just about my favorite snack ever!

Lori F said...